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The ZBrush Podcast

Nov 19, 2018

From the commercial world in Chicago, to the entertainment world in Los Angeles, Aiman Akhtar has gained a vast amount of 3D experience over the years.  Aiman's resume includes Harley Davidson, McDonald's,  Nickelodeon, Aarons Sims Creative, Method Studios, and Stoopid Buddy Studios with works ranging in 3D modeling, animation, vfx, rapid prototyping, and collectible toys!  Aiman is also a business owner and a resident ZBrushLIVE Streamer, find out more in the links below.

With a passion for his craft and a strong work ethic, get to know this artist a little more as he takes a seat with our podcast host Solomon Blair.


Aiman on ZBrushLIVE:


Find Aiman Here: