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The ZBrush Podcast

Dec 8, 2016

Erick Sosa is a 3D artist specializing in collectible statues. He owns Prototypez Studios and won the 2015 ZBrush Sculpt Off for the organic category.

Dec 2, 2016

The Pixo squad tries out Final Fantasy XV for the first time while recounting Square Enix's presentation at the ZBrushSummit!

Nov 3, 2016

Join the Pixologic team as we play DOOM with character artists Jason Martin, Bryan Wynia, Denzil O'Neill, & Emanuel Palalic. We talk about the history of the game and the amazing artwork!

Oct 15, 2016

Our first ZPlay with Bethesda Game Studios playing Fallout 4 with game artists Dennis Mejillones and Lucas Hardi! These episodes are audio recordings of our Twitch gameplay sessions with game artists who comment on the creation of game assets using ZBrush! Catch the video recordings on

Oct 14, 2016

Join us as we reflect on the recent ZBrushSummit and talk some Z!